High Growth Recruiting Services

We work with your executive team to understand where you’re going and determine the right tools, processes, and people to get you there using our high growth recruiting expertise.  Core services offered:

Strategy and People

We’ll design the right high growth recruiting team structure, train your existing team, and connect you with our network of recruiting professionals. 

Areas we can help you with: 

  • Sourcing: How to identify and engage top talent
  • Storytelling with Data: How to use your own recruiting data and market insights to communicate with business leaders and drive strategy
  • Candidate Experience
  • Interviewing: How to use evaluation criteria to assess role and company fit
  • Consulting: How to drive high growth recruiting process in partnership with hiring teams
  • Compensation benchmarking and philosophy design
  • Offers and Negotiations: How to balance candidate and business needs to close top talent
  • Network: Connect with talent acquisition professionals to build your team

High Growth Recruiting Processes

To get the right people on the bus as quickly as possible, your team needs to be well-trained and your processes dialed-in, otherwise you will lose the war for talent.  We’ll develop/refine end-to-end talent acquisition processes and training to ensure your team can work effectively and efficiently to meet your hiring needs. 

Here we can help with:

  • Job Fit Evaluation Criteria
  • Employee Referrals/Internal Transfers processes
  • Partnership with stakeholders (HR, Finance, IT)
  • Transparency into the recruiting process through metrics and reporting 
  • Onboarding Experience

High Growth Recruiting Tools

Poorly selected or designed tools can be an impediment to your high growth recruiting process, may create a bad candidate experience, and provide minimal insights into how things are working. Good tools allow recruiters to work faster, smarter, and provide peace of mind to business leaders. 

We are expert in:

  • Application Tracking Systems and/or Candidate Relationship Management
  • Sourcing tools
  • Well-written job descriptions and job fit criteria
  • AI/ML tools – scheduling, video interviews, automation tools
  • Data, Reporting, and surveys


No conversation regarding people and recruiting means anything with Diversity. Diversity is at the center of each step of our process and can help create a sense of belonging. We can provide both philosophical and tactical approaches to increasing representation of underrepresented groups in your employee population,and creating an inclusive company culture.

Here we can help with:

  • Interviewer training: Objective evaluation and Unconscious Bias
  • Strategic sourcing for underrepresented groups
  • Strategies for pay equity and equitable offers
  • Employee and Candidate pipeline Data analytics to benchmark and measure change
  • Your diversity strategy will be tailored to your teams, departments, and customers served/market/industry

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