Lauren Springer

Principal Consultant

I have over 10 years of experience in recruiting as both a consultant with Accolo and in-house with Redfin. At Accolo, I learned the ropes of business operations and supporting clients. I’d go on to grow and lead Accolo’s network of consultants in providing on-demand recruiting services for startups and established companies across the US. Recently, I spent five years at Redfin leading recruiting teams, developing people, and crafting the processes and systems that helped support Redfin’s rapid growth pre and post-IPO. (LinkedIn Profile)

My Background

Two things you should know: (1) I grew up on a ranch in Northern California and (2) I participated in and later went on to open and coach competitive cheerleading programs – yes, the stuff you see on ESPN and the physically demanding bits from Bring it On, not the pom pom bits. Bear with me.  These two experiences taught me the value of hard work, compassion, creativity, and leading others through challenging pursuits.  I knew that I wanted to help others so I went on to study Sociology at Sonoma State University. After an internship at an adult detention facility where I saw things I can’t unsee, I decided that social work wasn’t for me but that I did love people data and learning about individuals and groups. You don’t go to school to be a recruiter, but the collective experience gained from my upbringing and education have helped me lead in a loving yet firm way, building great teams and businesses.

Outside of Work

I love spending time with my husband and young son. We’re avid soccer fans (EPL and MLS) and spend our weekends watching soccer, playing soccer, and hanging out in the cul de sac with our wonderful neighbors. I’m a licensed real estate agent, an aspiring painter, and enjoy reading nonfiction. Recruiting is at the center of building strong teams, amazing business offerings, and a bright future for individuals and families. I’m passionate about helping create that bright future. 


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